Upcoming Events

Q: So what are some of the upcoming things in the next month or two from now? Changes with regards to people, places and things?

BW in Hawaii

A: Today is August 21st 2006

(months to watch September 2006, March 2007 and specific date September 7th 2006)

Good question and Aloha to you in Hawaii.

To understand that the Dragon's head is merely the north node of the moon and the Dragons Tail represents the south node of the moon are helpful tidbits. They are the yin and yang affects or some people refer to it as the positive and negative forces. So it already says we have choice on how we want to use each and every zodiac sign. Do we want to use it positively or its opposite as negatively.

Knowing that the dragons head is in Pisces (ruler Neptune) and the tail of the dragon is in Virgo, it already tells us what two main areas or energies in the World we are dealing with.

Pisces rules India, Iraq, Hawaii and all of the middle east. So these areas are highly touched. Now whether it is to the negative or positive of course depends on us as groups or individuals. We are given choice. What I can say for sure, regardless is that there will be change, restructuring and perhaps rebuilding from anew.

Pisces also rules the seas and all open ports and waterways as mentioned many of times in my writings so that still remains until January 7th 2008. (Click the button "the dragon" for more details.

Important months to keep an eye out for. September 2006, March 2007, September 2007. All major transistions, change, restructuring and perhaps even rebuilding from scratch. The rebuilding is not just limited to one thing, it can be a country, a state, you indiviudally and in a personal manner etc. It is not limited to this change. For some it is simple as just starting a new job or moving to a new home.

September 7th 2006. Full moon in Pisces with the Dragons Head and we have an eclipse happening. In all aspects of the world, to your home town to your daily regimens, just be awake and vigilent. I would also include Sept. 6th as it closes in on this day of the 7th as well.

Pisces rules Chemicals, oil, gaseous substance, gas, alcohol, ports, cruiseliners, street drugs as well as pharmaceutical drugs, just to name a few. So these will be making news more so than usual through out the dragons reign January 7th 2008.

Also, Farmers, farm land, under ground, tobacco, precious metals and crops in the Virgo world will be going throug its changes as well as stories in the news. The other day I heard something about the tobacco industry being fined for fraudulent charges. So this is just one of the many things we can hear in these areas or industries. Again it can be positive or negative.

If you notice already in the news with this Pisces/Virgo axis, we are hearing about chemical attacks on planes which is a Pisces energy. We also hear good news coming out of the pharmaceuticals that save peoples lives with better and new drugs. This Pisces/Virgo axis talks about using Corn for our gasoline which is nothing but Pisces/Virgo.

Those born in the "months" of September and March are going thru self and innate ability changes. Also their marriage and business partners and contracts will see change, restructuring and differences. Whether the changes are small or big depends on many variables. Would require an astro reading for that.

We will also see a huge rise in religious discussions with respect to Catholicism, Christianity and Muslim backgrounds. This could be anything from the Catholic priest sex scandals to a good story similiar to a Mother Theresa doing good deeds to and for her peoples. Especially in September and March.

Eat Organically says Virgo and be disciplined. I would begin this cycle Wednesday August 23rd 2006 to bring in the new moon.

Sister Sage