Different experiences for same birth date

Q: Dear Sister Sage,

Your readings you did with my friends and I over the last few years have been helpful and enlightening. As we listen to our own readings then each others, we noticed that you describe how someone can be born on the same day, time and year and still have different experiences. You explain things on a level that we can easily understand. We are hoping you can explain further how you determine who and how the same "birth date" can affect someone else completely different? And explain how you go about doing your Astrology readings?

Love and Gratitude,
The Ya-Ya Sisterhood Group in California (YYSH in California)

A: Hi Ladies in California. Awesome question and I am certain that there are many people who have the same question and or misunderstandings about getting an astrology reading.

First: It is so important for each person to realize when an Astrologer does a reading for you, they are not "Psychics." That is the very first thing people tend to do is say' that is right about me or that is wrong about me with their readings. What they are not realizing, is that an Astrologer is just that " an interpreter of the Stars."

They are not out to read your mind or current life settings in a psychic capacity. They want to help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, karmic patterns/tendencies, the likelihood of an event or circumstance to take place, past life, forecasting and other pertinent information. They want to help you translate the energies of your stars and also how best to use them. It does not mean you will like a certain category, job description or a person to marry of a particular sign. I know many people who say they do not like a particular sign and unaware they keep attracting that same astrological sign into their lives. There is a reason for that. That is the world of "laws of attraction." This "law" can be included under the heading or umbrella of Karma, with further explanation in your own personal reading.

Secondly: To be more specific to your question about same birthdate; it is so very important to keep in mind the following 3 rules: Remember that each person has their own Karma from their current lives and past lives. Next, that people also have choice in how they will use their stars or energies of the stars. They can use the positive or negative side of each planet or luminary. The choice becomes theirs and then karma follows that choice. Then we have life experiences. Even if they are born on the same day and year, each of them will either have different parents, living environments, state or country of their upbringing and so forth, which offers different life experiences.

This also applies to twins. They might have some similar experiences but their karma, life choices, and past lives are vastly different from each other.

Thirdly: The other important factor I look at is the intensity and or likelihood of an event occurring. For example, I might say the chances of a move and a career or job change will be taking place during a particular time frame. I would then say usually the chance of this particular thing will be happening; but the intensity will be based on a few factors. One of those factors would be if someone is resisting change. Then I would say the intensity will be "loud". Meaning that it is taking bulldozers and the act of God to get you to open yourself to the Universe moving you to where you need to be on your astrological/spiritual path. Others may not have resistance and therefore they move without alot of disruption and stress. The stress, chaos, crisis, resistance are good indicators or at minimum helpful tips to the recipient of the reading/forecast.

Another factor included to this same example is Karma and Choices. How have you handled your choices when it comes to home and career? Are you in alignment with what you have been supposed to be doing i.e. taking your classes and or reading the current information in your specific job setting? Has your life been lived in a balanced way? Have you been using and utilizing your talents to your fullest potential? Were you honest or dishonest with a client or yourself? Are you basically burnt out with your current position and or job? Is there a current crisis going on in the home or career area already? There are about a hundred more questions I could add to this when doing an astrological interpretation/forecasting. Some people really have not asked themselves these questions or may not be paying attention to some of these important areas. Resisting change can create crisis or stress, whereas, going with the flow of your changing stars is less stressful. Just like an ocean tide; are you going against the tide or with it.

Thank you for such great questions!
Sister Sage