Mars Retrograde Effects

Q: How is Mars supposed to affect us going forward on December 9th, 2005 after being retrograde for some time now? Is everyone affected by this energy?


A: Great questions and good timing on this.

Yes, we are all affected by this planet. For each of us however, the question becomes where is your Mars sitting in your birth chart and from that, how does it affect you? So one would have to know where their birth Mars sits and even where it is sitting currently in the heavens. Knowing those factors, you can determine precisely how it is affecting you.

But for the collective (all mankind) we are basically affected by forward progress with Mars in Retrograde. If you have started a new hobby or project during mars in retrograde, your progress has probably been less than fruitful. Mars is the fire so to speak that motivates us, gets us excited and moving forward with great speed, energy and fervor.

Mars in retro is asking, what is it that excites me and what I want to pursue in life, career or hobby? Once this energy goes in forward motion, then act on your answers to these questions. You will have the fire ignited in the soul of your wishes and ready to move forward without hesitation. Energy will be back in full capacity.

December 9th. 2005 Mars goes Direct and time to act.

For those born in January for example, it has affected the home area. Also the house of love, romance, children, creativity and what you like to do for fun (private entertainment).

Sister Sage