Significant Changes?

Q: My question is what can we expect in the near future or anything that stands out for most people in the world? Even down the road or long term to be able to throw on a calendar to reference and follow.

From New York

A: Great question and a nice wide range of topics I can share with everyone.

First we must realize that the Dragon's Head (wheel of fortune) is sitting in Aries and the Dragon's Tail (change, restructure, karma) is in Libra. What this tells me as your Astro-Psychologist is that the months of October, 2005 and April, 2006 are major changing months for everyone.

What does this mean by changes? Well, it simply means that major changes that were or have been set in motion will take place in the month/year I just specified above. For example, this past October was a significant change in career for me. October is my 10th house of career by the way, and I enrolled into a real estate course! For others it might have been a move, a loss of some kind or change in a relationship, whether that be business or marriage.

Upcoming for April, 2006 is the same kind of thing. Globally, this affects our military, commanders, steel industry, fires and fire agents, sharp knives, competitve sports like football, boxing in particular, stunt doubles, and hockey. It also rules race car drivers and the sport itself, so anything to do with these industries will have a significant rise in our news headlines. It also rules Auto's like BMW and implosions. So fires are key to watch in April.

Those born in April and October will really feel these changes. If they work in these specific industries, they will have significant change/restructure/challenge as well.

Aries also rules Germany, so a heightened amount of news headlines from Germany will come to the forefront for all of April. They will have some changes within their own country as well. New laws or ideas, etc., will be mentioned.

Those born in April watch for head injuries and blunt forces to the does not matter if it is small or not. Aries rules the head area. Accident prone or a real accident, be alert to what you are doing.

In spiritual terms, Aries is the warrior, so I salute our troops as well as our spiritual warriors. Regardless of which one you are, our main inner objective is to bring peace to that in which does not have "peace & freedom". Those whom are defenseless or those who are less fortunate, there we stand with pride of says the sign of "Aries".

Blessings to all,
Sister Sage