Confused on your Zodiac sign?

Written: January 27th, 2011

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Our ancient ancestors did not have watches, computers or modern equipment to compile copious amounts of data (ephemeris) to sit and study. What they did have at the time was the stars and luminaries above. When looking to the heavens above, they viewed these patterns. We refer to these patterns or symbols as the Zodiac. The ancients determined the prominent zodiac symbol seen in the sky was the prominent sign for that given full month. Example, the entire month of January is the sign of the Goat. This is Capricorn. Regardless of the day, the whole month is Capricorn. Therefore if one is born January 30th, they would then go read Capricorn’s horoscope in the newspaper. Yes, their sun sign is still Aquarius, but their astrological natal birth chart begins from birth month.

(See wheel below for your birth month and sign)

In addition, every person’s natal birth chart has 12 specific houses or departments, as there are 12 corresponding zodiac signs. For each department, it relates to certain important aspects of an individuals life. i.e. 10th house or department represents their career and public standing. Here is an additional reason to read horoscopes based on birth month. If you look at a natal birth chart that has 12 departments, also known as houses and we now know the very first house is our birth month, we input that month in house number 1. House number 2 becomes the next month in the zodiac.

Example: Born January 30th, 2011 - Aquarian.

First house - Capricorn
Second house - Aquarius
Third house - Pisces
…And so forth

If the Moon is in Aquarius that given day, look above to this example and determine what house it is affecting.

Yes, it will affect that person’s second house of Aquarius not first house.

It is easier to say about this person’s date of birth as they are born in the constellation of Capricorn (January) and their Sun Sign is Aquarius (February).

Birth Month Categories:
January - Capricorn
February - Aquarius
March - Pisces
April - Aries
May - Taurus
June - Gemini
July - Cancer
August - Leo
September - Virgo
October - Libra
November - Scorpio
December - Sagittarius

Housing System

~Sister Sage