Sitting in Gratitude

I want to thank all of you for your love, prayers and support on my journey to healing. This goes to show just how we are all so Universally connected. Even those people we may never have a chance to meet in person, but bring such special meaning into your life. This is one of my personal stories and I am so humbled to share it with you all.

Whether it is Astral, Universal or Cosmological in nature, we are all connected. Sometimes I feel we can be even more connected to those we have never met in person; but through other means such as the information super highway. As an Astrologer I have been blessed to do many readings for those in person and those whom I never met in person.
I remember doing a reading for Bob in 2000 and I knew he was a special and gifted one. Just by looking at his stars I knew he had many special gifts that were handed to him by the Universe. I translated those astrological gifts to him. I knew he had potential for healing others through various means. What I did not know was exactly how that would be; i.e. as a Shaman, Massage Therapy, Reiki or what.

One day soon after Bob's astrological reading, he opened up and started sharing his Orb pictures with me. My first intuition was that he had some type of portal on his property and I shared that with him. Since that day, we have been in internet contact and perhaps Astral contact since then. I say that because last year I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Scared out of my mind, I had decided to go to the most powerful healers that I knew. Bob was one of those special and dear ones. There were many of nights before going to sleep I would say my prayers and do some rituals that Bob and my loved ones had shared with me. There were a handful of those nights that I was actually dreaming, but it was Bob that was in my dreams and bringing healing spirit breath to my body. I had never had that experience before. That was my first indication that Bob had a gift of remote healing. I remember one morning leaping out of bed, only to email him and tell him of my experience. I had a few more of those. I was not surprised to hear his response saying he was in meditation and prayer for me at the time of my dreaming. I have had a few of these experiences with Bob. I often wonder if his ORB's assist him with these healing energy properties, or his stars? Whatever he has, I am thrilled to report that I am Cancer free and happy as can be. All my tests are and will continue to be normal.

Bright Humble Blessings And In Gratitude To You Bob.