Water ways, open seas, sea vessels

Q: Explain how our waterways are affected in light of these Tsunami's, Hurricanes and so forth? Is there more to this and in depth? What is causing this in an astrological sense and any suggestions on how we can be more alert.

Concerned Person
United States

A: Thank you for this question.

As I mentioned in the upcoming change on "DRAGON" posting of the new Dragons Head in Pisces and Tail in Virgo. We must be vigilent with anything we all are doing in water, on water and our natural occuring phenomenons. This will intensify the closer we get to June 20th 2006 until January 7th 2008. Since our bodies are made of almost 85% water too, our minds are affected during new and full moons especially.

We must not only watch our Ports, cruiseliners, any type of boats for pleasure, hobbies or whatever; but also God's wonders that we utilize daily (oceans, lakes, rivers). Just be careful and know what you are doing. We are blessed with such beautiful oceans to go on our boating excursions, but then we must know all the weather elements, currents and so forth. This goes out to all my surfer friends too.

If you are noticing the movie the Posideon Venture coming out, that is an example of Pisces. The Titanic is another.

We are talking more about our Port security and Port police, cruiseliner overboard accidents, submarine issues and so forth. It is telling us changes are occuring in particular our waterways. Also for any type of industires that deal with our open seas, such as boats.

Our Waters anywhere, ocean to small rivers are stirring up and kicking up the currents and creating all kinds of various and at times violent cirucmstances. We must keep things in check for the next full 18 months.

And yes, this will include Tsunami's, Earthquakes, Hurricanes in particular. All Pisces energy. Also, any place of a tropic nature, like Hawaii included will be more affected. That humid type weather is what is being touched.

What is beneficial to us is watching, the moon fluctutations. Not just new moon and full moon, but the Moon in its own sign of Cancer, look for those. This tends to have that magnetic pull on our waters. Including our bodies. Some might say it makes us over emotional, lunatic (hence the word Lunar for moon) and so on. So we do have some control when making our plans and trips to areas concerning water.

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I welcome any and all of your questions.

Sister Sage