Laws of Attraction

This law states that the very thing we need to learn in this lifetime we will attract: consciously or subconsciously.

It also is the law that states whatever your thoughts, wishes and or desires are, will be what you will attract. As they say be careful in what you wish for; it may happen. So if you are the type of person that thinks negatively of yourself or others, you will attract more of that.

For example: have you noticed repeating patterns or themes in your life? How about a pattern of attracting a verbally or emotionally abusive mate or boss? What about continually attracting the same personality types such as narcissistic people in your social circles or friends? Perhaps noticing that you are attracting many people who are or tend to be hypercritical in nature. And one common one is women who keep attracting men who beat them all the time.

This could be subconscious on your part if you are attracting and repeating a pattern and not aware that you are doing it.

There are reasons why you are doing this by the way. You are attracting that in which you need to work out in this lifetime (could be karmic in nature), to learn and finally put it to rest. Therefore, identifying that you are attracting a theme or pattern is key.

What is important to realize about this law, is that you are the creator of these circumstances and outcomes. That might be a tough one to take in or digest at first. There is something you must learn about yourself first in order to heal or resolve this repeating pattern. This is where a great Life Coach would benefit you and assist you in becoming aware of your personal attractions.

It is therefore very important with this law to take time to review your patterns and repeating patterns of behavior, thoughts, wishes beliefs and ideas.

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