Laws of Death and Rebirth

This law is where we as human beings (our soul) must grow physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

We end a phase or stage of our lives and enter a new one, many times through out the course of our lives. We end a phase from elementary school, to junior high, to high school and college. Evolving, changing and growing (ending and beginning) through each one of these phases or stages are part of our human development.

Hopefully with these endings and beginnings we are integrating and harmonizing our mind, body and spirit.

If our growing and evolving process is thwarted, our lives become very unbalanced and stagnate. This thwarting could create a sense of inner and outer chaos to that individual.

Some people go to life coaching sessions to end a phase of what their parents wanted them to be in life for example; versus what they wanted to do or be in life. They must allow the old belief that was pressed upon them to die in order to rebirth to which they were meant to be. We call this "Authentic Self."

A caterpillar must die in order to become the butterfly. It transcends and becomes that in which it is supposed to; its very own divine essence.

We as humans are no different than that. There are many factors, influences and projections that are put upon us humans/individuals that could keeps us in that caterpillar environment. Ultimately that could create inner and outer chaos to the soul.

We must heal, evolve, grow and transcend.

This is no different than when a town is destroyed (death) by a natural disaster that it must rebuild (rebirth).

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