Laws of Mercury in Retrograde

The law states that when mercury is in retrograde, which happens 3 times a year, one must go within and assimilate all that has been learned since the last retrograde period.

This could be anything such as completing a task, but not starting one. Spending time with loved ones and catching up on what is going in their lives. Reviewing the past few months in regards to work, relationships and where you are headed. Any type of artwork and even meditation is good during this time. Mercury in retrograde is for rejuvenation, relaxation and reflection.

That is why most mechanical, electrical and communication devices do not work, so that you will slow down enough to relax, rejuvenate and reflect.

It is not the best time to sign contracts or negotiate agreements. If you try to sign contracts during Mercury in Retrograde; it will be renegotiated or even re-written.

By putting the prefix "re" in front of any verb you choose, such as:Re-write, re-do, re-send are just a few examples of what could happen if one does not follow this law. Things are done over again or twice. Even appointments will be re-scheduled.

The mind is affected and some have described their thinking as tired and sluggish.

Batteries go dead in their cars, computer hardware crashes, phone lines go dead and miscommunications between people happen more often during this period.

Concentration can be poor for those who have lots of mercury in their natal charts. It is more than just forgetting your car keys or wallet.

The unfortunate side of Mercury is that most people tend not to follow the law. The law has already indicated forward progress is hindered in many different circumstances; i.e. trying to catch a plane, trying to fax a letter or even mail something only to have it returned. When it says time to slow down and not be out running around to airports, traveling and starting new things, that is exactly what it means.

The positive aspect of Mercury in Retrograde is that we have an opportunity to slow down, because it forces us to, to complete tasks and also do some inward introspection. Get ready for when mercury goes direct and what next plan of action to take. These are things to do.

Because Mercury in Retrograde affects any type of electronic device/equipment and batteries you can think of; this explains why trains derail, electrical malfunctions happen on planes, automobiles and buses. These industries have more delays and mechanical problems than usual. We tend to see more plane problems and malfunctions on the news and even crashes because of mercury in retrograde. The best thing to do is double-check all equipment before operating any train, plane, automobile and bus.

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