Laws of Moon Fluctuations

The laws of the moon fluctuations have great importance to timing. In other words there is a right time to buy a home, sign contracts or start a new adventure.

This law is Similar to our stoplights. We have red for stop or pause and we have the green light to move forward. The green light says its okay to go and proceed.

Basically the time to proceed and move forward is when the Moon is between the New Moon and the Full Moon.

(The exception to this rule is not to proceed during mercury in retrograde)

When the light is green, it is time for progress, making those business transactions, signing on the dotted line so to speak. It is a great time to start a new business or project. Making agreements between the new and full moon can make for a lasting and productive outcome.

The moment after that full moon you are in a red light time. Time to slow down and not make agreements if at all possible. It is however a good time to enjoy the agreements, projects that you have already signed on for. Reap the benefits.

Side note: It is also good to know what zodiac sign the moon is currently in. It rotates approximately every two days into a different sign. Then correspond the moon location to your own natal birth chart. In other words, what department of your life it is affecting? So if it is between a new and full moon and you want to buy a home, you would want the moon in your home area.

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