Laws of Nature

Once again we look at what is made by man and that which is made by nature.

If you think of the word nature, it is easy to associate it with the word "natural." Things flow and process naturally. This is done without the help or assistance of man.

Some people are unaware that our Earth has it's own heartbeat. It has a beat that is in a very harmonious rhythmic fashion. That beat is at 7.8 Hz.

Our planet Earth has its own cycles as well. We have seasons and a 28-day cycles of the moon. We have cycles of a new moon and full moon. We have cycles of ebb and flow of our tides. The tides come twice a day without any help of man.

Our animals also synchronize themselves according to the seasons/ weather. Some are hibernating and birds tend to fly south for winter.

As humans we respond to nature as well. When the sun goes down, our brains produce a chemical in the brain called melatonin for sleep. Those folks in Alaska during the times when it is dark most of the day (long nights) however, they do light therapy. It is said exposure of this light therapy for 4 hours is needed to help stave off SAD. That means seasonal affective disorder.

The Sun comes up in the East and sets in the West every day, no matter what.

Another beautiful natural occurrence is the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Enjoy this beautiful YouTube video of a caterpillar transforming.

Our beautiful plants have rhythms, cycles and even patterns of their own. Take a look at this well put together website about Plant Motion.

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