Laws of Opposites

With this law we must learn to respect and understand that there are only two forces in the world operating at the same time. Some of these are described as Yin and Yang or Positive and Negative forces. Other opposites include: Male and Female. Left and Right. Good and Evil. Heaven and Hell. Sun and Moon.

With these two forces they create change, movement, and or transformation in our lives. We must have both of these energies or our soul growth (change) can either be stifled or thwarted.

An example of these two opposing energies, are a car battery. There is a positive and negative charge to make the car operate. We must have both or the car won't start. In other words, they need to co-exist.

This happens to be one of those laws that may be the hardest one to understand or grasp, mainly because the terms seem contradictory. They are opposites after all. Harmonizing these two forces is a job for each and every one of us.

These two forces affect objects whether they are visible or invisible. There is also tangible, intangible as well as human and inhuman.

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